2015: This year I have ...

Every year I scribble down a list of things I've done in the past 12 months.

This year, I ran a marathon (kind of - there was a lot of walking involved), we holidayed in Hawaii (twice) at the Disney Aulani, we flew home for the first London family Christmas since 2009, and we met my new niece.

At work, I've been really busy, with between 15 and 30 reports. We made some really strong hires, shipped some great new code and features, and finally killed the monorail. We had some tough times too, from which I've learned a lot.

As an effort to be a better manager, I've kicked off an MBA which I seriously don't have time for. It's interesting to learn, but painful to find time for the coursework. I'm a terrible student. Especially at essays.

I had three wisdom teeth removed this year, which wasn't fun at all. And in combination with a slight overdose of painkillers and a perforated sinus, I had a bad time. On the plus side though, I got really thin for a couple of months. I'm still syringing food out of my empty socket, which is exactly as gross as it sounds.

I really enjoyed being Daddy to a three year old full of energy. It's been The Most Fun. I heartily recommend it.

I finally went to JSConf this year. It was an outstanding conference. Huge thanks to Chris and family. Sadly, it seems this year was the last - but hopefully they revive it someday.

Last year I said I'd get a cat. I failed. Partly because Amazon doesn't deliver pets, and I don't know any other way to buy things. Maybe next year. My wife wants a dog, which I'm really not sure about. Dogs are nasty. We'll see.

This year I've been drinking more craft beers and really enjoying it. I've spent an enjoyable few nights sampling flavours in Øl, our local specialist beer shop. And I've invested the boy's college fund in a local brewery. Should be fun to explain that to him in a few years.

Next year, I'm really excited about getting a VR kit at home. I daresay I won't use it a lot (like my dusty Apple Watch), but it'll be fun to play with.

Maybe we'll buy a house. Get that (shudder) dog.

And I'd like to be fitter. More than anything, I'd like to be thin, fit and healthy by the end of 2016. Time to dig out that gym card.

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