Apple ideas

Here are my predictions for Apple products this year.

No, hang on. Not predictions. More like hopes and desires. Wishes.

1) Embeddable products.

I have just not bought a Honda CRV. I've been driving one as a zipcar, and I love how it drives. We need a family car, so it's an obvious choice.

And then I saw the screen on the website.

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 19.13.10

No way. It's 2013. I'm not using a computer system from 1980. I'm just not.

You should be able to slide in an iPad mini, and have it control all the car's features. This shouldn't be exclusive to luxury cars. This should be across all cars, all brands, all prices.

The same is true for aeroplanes. We took a Virgin America flight a few months ago. One of the seats was empty (which was awesome), but why? The entertainment didn't work. If they'd used embedded iPads, they could have just switched it out. And we'd have apps. And the games wouldn't be shit. And they'd be interactive adverts for Apple products, with a 100% captive audience.

2) Touchscreen laptops

Ok, I get it. A touchpad works better on a laptop. But, having used a Surface for a bit, I'd still say a touchscreen is useful.

It's useful when pairing to be able to say "that word there", or "push this button".

It's useful to scroll, sometimes, when reading. Your right thumb just flicks the content down. Feels natural.

And they seem to be both ubiquitous and inexpensive. So why not?

3) A radical design change for iOS

I have an original iPod Touch. The iPhone wasn't released in the UK for about a year after the US, but the Touch was. I'm still blown away by the completely unnecessary brilliance of the device. It's so slim, so solid. The screen is amazing. The touchscreen was unlike anything anyone had seen before. It had an accelerometer, even though there was NO USE FOR IT until the App Store arrived. It still works.

But it looks exactly the same as the new ones. I know great design is forever, but is forever really longer than five years?

4) iTunes

Just break the videos out of iTunes. Call it iVideo or iView or something. It doesn't make sense where it is.

While we're there, let me opt into iCloud fully. I *do not want* to download everything. Ok? Ok.

5) TV

Jus do something amazing. Typing using a remote control is madness. Give me Kinect.

Don't give me Siri. I don't want to shout at my TV. Seriously, the tech pundits are idiots. Don't go there. Let it go. Put it in a watch, where I don't have to care about it.

6) Buy Sonos

Simply to acknowledge that their system is awesome in a way that Apple showed us was possible. And it needs iTunes.

That's it. I'm happy with the products as they stand. They don't need another iPad/iPhone/iPod idea. They make money. We love the stuff. Keep it going.

Oh, and I'd love a phone the size of an iPod nano. Now that would be amazing.

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