Being wrong

Back in 1999, I spoke to a friend of a friend about their website. "It's no good," I said, "all the search engines are established. Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos. There will be no new ones."

Google started the same year.

Back in 2004, I spoke to a client. "It's no good," I said, "people won't give you their information for free any more. You have to offer them something in return."

Facebook started the same year.

Back in 2000, I spoke to a colleague. "It's no good," I said, "you have to be compatible with PCs. Apple are a dead company."

Apple are now the biggest company in the world.

Back in 2009, I spoke to a friend. "It's no good," I said, "this is just like Facebook. What's the point?"

I now work at Twitter. And it's still nothing like Facebook.

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