In my mind of minds, I'm trying to talk myself into buying a Windows Phone. I know that sounds odd, but sometimes I like to get something a little different. After all, I bought the Nokia 7380, a phone with no keyboard of any kind, and in bright sunshine, no screen either.

So I'm tempted. It looks really slick.

There's just a few things bothering me. Please bear in mind that I have done no active research. I go by twitter chit chat, billboards and window displays. I don't watch cable tv or look at banner ads.

I'm worried about essential apps. Will gmail work? I'm not switching to hotmail. How about twitter, facebook, über, zipcar, sonos? I don't hear people raving about windows phone clients.

I mean, I don't need everything. Just those essentials..

Contract. The phone is cheaper, granted, but I think they're still pushing me into a contract. But what if it's a turkey? I don't want to be stuck with the same turkey for two Christmases.

You know how cool it is to watch movies on your four inch phone? Honestly? It's rubbish. Rubbish. So how about you throw me a smaller, sexier phone that fits in my pocket? Get freaky on me. I think your styles can handle it. I won't watch more than YouTube videos of cats anyway.

Finally, my android phone. Everything about it is annoying me now. I've got a Nexus One, and I'm so over it. Every time I dock it, I curse the stupid delay, the lack of notifiers on the screensaver, the fact that I can't differentiate ringtones between my wife's urgent call and the bastard automated calls. That damnable lock screen. I hate this phone.

Ok, this is irrational, because the phone is fine, and I'm just tired of the quirks. Understood.

But to every one of those points, I look to the iPhone and sigh. How much better will life be when I have an iPhone? Maybe I just can't possibly bear to buy anything else.

So to Microsoft/Nokia I say: reassure me. Give me billboards, give me window displays. I'm ready to take the jump.

Promise me it'll be ok.

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