Leaving Digitas

I've been at Digitas for five years. Five years. As I've recently learned, that's about thirty-five dog years. Which is about four years older than I am now.

Here, I've worked on websites for Hewlett Packard, the Cannes Film Festival, Persil, Nicquitin, General Motors, Opel, Vauxhall, Sega's TotalWar, Nakheel and the Palm Jumeirah, Bayer's Xarelto, MSD's Propecia, Procter & Gamble, Eukanuba, Digitas of course, and a few sites so cool, I still can't tell you about them.
That's not a bad record.
Estimates suggest that on average*, I have been involved with more than seventeen percent of your household purchases , and although I have a three-percent chance of killing you with a car, there's an extra four percent chance of saving your life after an operation.

Somehow I've been sent to Brussels, Warsaw, Geneva, Minsk, Basle, Kiev, Zurich, Paris and Bangalore.

Ninety-two of my facebook friends, I met through Digitas. That's sixty-one percent.

Since I joined Digitas, I've started and finished a three-year degree in Physical Science, with a two:one. I've got married, and twenty-five percent of my guests were from Digitas. I've run twenty-six point one miles in the London marathon, and they helped me raise three-hundred pounds for the NSPCC.

I loved working here.
I wish them all a great 2010.


* some estimates may be approximate to the point of complete fiction.

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