4 easy fixes for Apple to make iTunes better

  1. I expect you to manage my files. Maintain a list of my purchased files and let me download them whenever I want. Why am I expected to keep backups? It's just weird.

  2. I expect you to allow me to deauthorize a computer remotely. For example, I've just lost my hard disc. How do I deauthorize it? You tell me I've got 5 out of my 5 computers authorized. Ok, which ones? Unlike 1975, five is not a big number of computers. How about automatically deauthorizing a computer after 12 months?

  3. I expect you to tell me that I can't play HD films on a non-approved TV BEFORE I buy it. Or, to be honest, never. I've never heard of such ridiculous bullshit. I'm not about to go and buy a new TV, just because it doesn't have your DRM built in.
    The discussion here has 8 pages, and the last one says "Apple Support has no idea this problem exists."

  4. If I tell you I own an MP3 I expect you to trust me. Allow me to copy and transfer it like any other file.

We like our iPods, we love our iPhones, and when our wives aren't looking, we might secretly give our MacBooks a cuddle. But no-one likes iTunes. And not because it's a bad idea. It's just clunky and unusable.

If I were the EU, I would consider Apple bundling iTunes in the same light as Windows bundling Internet Explorer. Let's start the fine running at €1m/day and start talking openness.

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