JS Fireworks

I've just submitted my Chrome Experiment - JavaScript Fireworks.

This amuses me because it's such an old-fashioned idea. A bit like snow on your website, it's a very nineties theme and I suspect I'll have a lot of ex-Geocities users asking me how to include it on their pages.

I'm particularly pleased with the TinyURL inclusion, just for the hell of it :) And I look forward to tracking the messages via Google Analytics.

It's no revolution (some of those experiments are awesome), and it's not very Chrome-specific. Firefox handles the canvas better now, and Safari is very fast. Should I use excanvas to support IE???
Anyways, I'm pleased with the effect.

Update (12 May 2009):
No response so far (snif). I saw some hits from California, and one message sent saying "Not Your Mother's JavaScript" - which is the experiments' tagline. Fingers still crossed.

Update (13 May 2009):
Some quick updates: IE support! Really shows off the awesome excanvas library. But it's a bit slow. I've intentionally not reduced the activity in IE to show the performance difference. Also, changed the default message. :)
Also, allowed click events to bring up the window, so it's a bit more useable.

Update (16 May 2009):

Added various controls to experiment with. Time and gravity controls are fun. Toyed with framerate and number of sparks sliders, but didn't work out.

Update (21 May 2009):

Added credit for the font, which was a free font, BM Receipt, passed through Cufon Generator to get each point as a JavaScript array, then stripped back to remove the lines, leaving just the points.

Thanks for reading! I guess you could now share this post on TikTok or something. That'd be cool.
Or if you had any comments, you could find me on Twitter.