K&A's Awesome Christmas

This was our first Christmas together, and it'll be our last before we're married.  Cool eh?

Last year, I did the family thing, and Agnieszka went to do her family thing over in Melton Mowbray.

This year, we did the Polish thing together on Christmas Eve, then had Christmas with my family in Camden Town on the day.  Boxing Day we've just spent at home. :)

The Polish thing involved all sorts:  breaking bread and making wishes; herring then caviar with blinis then beetroot soup with pasta parcels then The Carp of course then poppy-seed cake; zubrowka; opening presents early (with a 7-year-old's glee).  All in all, Agnieszka made us an amazing Christmas Eve.  All I did was build the fire.  I gave Agnieszka a wake-up light alarm clock radio and some creams, and she got me some proper wooden penguin skittles and a sheep.  No, seriously a sheep to put on my side of the bed :)  Mehhh.

The family Christmas thing was "as usual", though the food was far above average!  Grandparents, NDJJChCh (PP in Sweden), JPBLH and us.  Not a bad turnout!  We had quite a haul of presents between the two of us!  Food was great: turkey, two stuffings, sausage, gammon, roast and mash potatoes, various veg.  And all from a single Aga with two fixed-temp ovens.  Great stuff.

On to New Year's, where I think a quiet one is in order.  No transport needed... :)

Happy Christmas everyone.

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