JavaScript Mindmap

I've been writing a JavaScript Mindmap.
It's got very few dependancies: Mootools is used for dragging and the $ and $$ shortcuts. Also, excanvas gives IE canvas support.
UPDATE: it now uses jQuery instead of Mootools.
I tried to make it use "good juju", by using good semantics. Therefore, it just builds out HTML lists.

And it's fairly easy to see how it works.

Not sure what to call it. Called it Mindmap, called it spidermap, called it js-mindmap again.


The aim is to provide a nice example to play with, not for any commercial gain.

Check it out. Suggest improvements. Bleat about bugs. Put me down for my poor coding styles. Or otherwise ignore it :)

Thanks for reading! I guess you could now share this post on TikTok or something. That'd be cool.
Or if you had any comments, you could find me on Threads.