London Marathon 2008

I did it!

I hurt... :-S

First half felt great. Third quarter was great. Though the occasional spot of hail didn't help.

Thankyou to the people with wine gums. Thankyou to the folks with fruit. Fiddles to the people with opal fruits. Curses to the bitch with the unexpected hard-boiled sweet.

At 21 miles or so, I hurt so much I decided to give up. But the person I spoke to said it wasn't far, I'd have to wait for ages, and I might as well carry on. Thankyou to that person. After a mile of walking, I started to run. I ran through the pain and it cleared by mile 24 or 25. I saw my folks for the second time at mile 23, cheering like anything. That gave me a lot of energy. Knowing my girlfriend was at the finish was the biggest spur.

It was great to finish. I'd do it again.

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