Vietnam - Motorbikes

Walking down the street anywhere in Vietnam, people are falling over themselves to help you. But not in any kind of charitable way - they just want your money.

The streets are full of motorbikes. Full. And they all want to offer you a lift. In an average day I must reject between 150-200 people. But they don't stop there - they start offering you all sorts of other things. It gets tiring.

The other day a guy came running across to me. Hello! he shouts.
Well, I'm all out of patience.
NO! I shout.
No motorbike!
No cyclo!
No marijuana!
No opium!
No hotel!
No restaurant!
! No massage!
No girls!
No "boom-boom" with said girls or for that matter, you!
Whatever it is: you can't help me.
Leave me in peace.

He looked a little surprised at my outburst, and silently handed over the book I'd left behind.

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