Vietnam - Burning boat

Ok, so there's a few days left to your trip around the world. You're looking for an easy life, maybe a last top-up to the tan marks. How about a relaxing boat trip?

If only. Here is our tour guide on the phone. Inside, where we've just been having lunch, you may see some smoke.
Wooden boat
Yes, the boat's on fire.

We'd just finished lunch - me and an Australian couple and four Americans. When we notice smoke in the window. A common occurence here: emissions tests aren't the norm. However, then the smoke came through the floorboards.
As the crew panic like headless chickens, we cower at the front of the boat, (fortunately with all our bags as we hadn't got our rooms yet), awaiting rescue.

The rescue boats arrive. The boat burns to the water. The crew all jump in. No-one knows where the dog went. We drive off and continue the tour on a different boat, pretty much as if nothing had happened.

I think for my final day here I might just stay here, safely hidden under the bed...

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