Australia - Surfer's Paradise

I think most people would dispute the name.
The surf isn't great on the beach (you have to go 20 mins down the road), and the skyrises just rise straight out the top of the beach blocking the sunlight in the afternoon.

It's not a bad beach though. I was here for a couple of days, met up with Chris again for a few beers and decided to stick around here waiting for my flight instead of going to Brisbane.

The next day some Americans showed up. Mishara, Mike and Lee (who was actually Swedish) arrived. They are studying at Rockhampton for a year or so and this was their 'spring break'. For the next week, our room was party-ville for the many other yanks and swedes. We'd be drinking in our room till 12, then go out till 4 only to be woken at 8/9 in the morning by the sunshine and then go lie on the beach.

Americans are funny. They're just charactatures of themselves. All "party-foul" (bad thing) and "party-plus" (good thing). I laughed greatly.

After a week of that, I was exhausted, being (in comparison) and old man. I managed to somehow pick up a cold and hang around until my flight to Saigon, which, I hadn't noticed, had a delightful 9 hour layover in Singapore.

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