Australia - Byron Bay

Ask anyone in Australia and they'll talk about Byron Bay.
It seems like a good place now I've got here - not quite sure why it deserves such a reputation, but it's a nice beach, and cool town (for once, the town's not alongside the beach, but more perpendicular).

First day here, I wandered along the beach and climbed up the viewpoint at the end, to watch a pod of whales going past. Cool eh?

I then wandered back into town to find some breakfast and ran into Ian Mackay from Uni. Haven't seen him in about 5 years, so it's strange to run into him out here in the middle of nowhere. It turns out he's done much the same as me - same job for a few years, and travelling for about 6 months. I was wondering how long it would be before I ran into someone I knew...

To recap the past few days, I got back to the cold from Tokyo to Sydney. I had a few beers and a barbie with Matt, then got the train up the coast..

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