Australia - The Rock!

Took me bloody ages to get here, then 6 hours on the bus at 6 in the morning. I get to the rock, and guess what? You can't climb because it's too windy!

I had to content myself with walking round it. Mind you, the bus driver didn't give me enough time. It's 9.4km (6 miles), and I had just over an hour. So I had to jog most of the way...

So yeah. It's a big rock. Big. Rocky. Big. Rock. Not Ayer's Rock, no no. It's Uluru now apparently. They changed the name to the Aboriginal one. I always wonder though... They didn't have a written language until we got here, so how do we know they didn't just invent that name last week? It's like all those famous dotty aboriginal paintings. Are they original? No. Some white guy came over here in '48 and just taught them to paint that way. Daft eh? What if he'd taught them cubism instead? :)

Anyway. Rock done, viewed, not climbed. Time to move on to Darwin. Warmer there :)

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