Ecuador - too long

It's easy to get trapped in Quito. The hostel I'm in is called El Centro del Mundo. It's a good place - full of other travellers (though most are more hardcore than me - most are on multi-year trips to every country on the planet). The real problem with the place is that they give out 12 litres of rum & coke every other day - which is fun, but tends to ruin your chances of doing much the next day.
Besides the cycling, all I've done is been to the Equator (where you can do the swirling water trick and balance an egg on a nail (apparently it's easier to do that at the Equator).

But I've been in Quito for a week and a half now. Definitely time to move before I get stuck here. I was considering extending my trip so I could go to the Galapagos, but that's expensive (trips work out at about a thousand dollars usually for a week), so I'll probably keep my Sunday flight to Fiji...

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