Hawaii - Aloha!

It rains here too, but not really for long enough to matter (I dodged the real floods by a day or two)! Having a great time in the Hokondo Waikiki Beachside Hostel. It´s admittedly not on the beachfront, but it´s just 1 block away. I´ve been having a great time eating, drinking, beaching with Fuu, Shun, and Tsiyoshi, from Japan who always cook excellent meals for us, and Nino (Swiss), Vu (Danish), Paulina (German), Aaron & Tyson (North Calif.), Tara (Mount Tarran, Oz), Josh and his girlfriend from NZ, & the infamous Bryan. I'm very badly burnt, but it was totally worth it. I had meant to work my way around the islands, but it´s quite expensive to move aroudn, because you have to fly - besdies, why would I want to go?

Return to LA on the 9th, though I don´t really want to leave.

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