Brazil - #at the copa, ...#

Here in Copacabana, Rio. Very hot. Beach not really all it's sold as, but it's still nice. Ipanema's better, but not much. Could use an ABC store or two.

First hostel wasn't so good. I was staying in a dorm room with six other guys, and the rest of the hostel was much the same deal. There was an outdoor section, but kindof covered, with dim neon, so it seemed in permanent moonlight. So I moved to the other hostel down the street (nearer the beach actually, but had been full the day before) - and moved into a room with 3 other female travellers, one canadian and two english. The hostel had a really good bar that was open until 12 selling beers for a couple of reais (about 40p), and after that we'd all go out to some club or bar or whatever. Didn't get much sleep, but was too hot anyway.

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