Palm Springs - Flip a coin...

Raining in the desert now (!) and staying in the most expensive hotel in the world.

Well, ok, not quite. But it's really expensive because the rainy season is the popular season here (?!?)

But I met up with Caerwyn and Amanda and I've done all the usual things: played some golf (not properly - just driving range and putting green), been to the mall, played pool and went to see the new Christ film (tedious).

I also went to help out Caerwyn with valeting at the golf club he works at - though I wasn't much help because of course I can't drive. I was supposed to meet Bill Gates, as he had a reservation that night, but he didn't show. They didn't mind - apparently he's a bad tipper.

Time to move on here though
Either Hawaii or Mexico I thought, but the Mexican airlines weren't friendly on the phone...

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