Blog Update

Ah, shit. It’s the end of May. I’d meant to write a blog post at around the end of last year, when I provide my typical end-of-year update. But I didn’t. I should do that.

I had this smart idea of trying one new thing every day for each month. I knew that one of those new things would be blogging, so I delayed 😱 my end-of-year post until then. But it hasn’t happened yet.

First month started well. I did Keto. The next month I needed something a little easier, so I got myself a watch and decided to wear a watch every day. The third month I was considering the blog posts, but I got really sick at the start - so I decided not to shave for the month, which required no effort. Negative effort really.

And then it was April, and I still wasn’t ready to blog, and I didn’t have the energy to do anything else either (sick kids and wife can really take it out of you), so all of a sudden it’s the end of May and I’ve got nowhere. Bah.

Topics I was considering:

  • What I did this year (2018)
  • Refactoring Twitter. Some things I’ve noticed over my 8+ years working there.
  • Thoughts on the trend from internet companies to give you what they say is good for you, rather than what you want.
  • A (probable) rant about how tests both set you free and hold you back.
  • Some thoughts on customer service for small teams within large companies.
  • Monorepos and source dependencies - a simple summary of what that means and why.
  • Some thoughts on skills and expertise of leaders.

None of these are particularly well formed in my head, but they’ve been running around in there for a year or three. It’ll be good to set them down in type. I write this blog more to compose my own thoughts than to provide reading material for others, and I’ll continue to do that.


Ah shit, it’s August already. Time to publish this thing.