About me

Hello. I'm Kenneth. My friends call me Kenneth.

I work at a little startup called Frec. It's fun! Before that, I worked at Twitter, and was there for more than a decade. I joined in 2010 when there were about 320 people there, and left in 2022, a couple of months before the Elon thing. Before that, I spent a decade in London building websites at advertising agencies.

This is a personal blog and doesn't speak for my employers, past or present. I'll employ a little poetic license in my storytelling, so don't go quoting me or anything.

I started writing this blog when I was a young dumb twenty-something, travelling the world. This was before smartphones, and even before mobile phones supported roaming. I cobbled it together in an internet cafe one day, mostly by cloning the site of an old friend.

Looking back, I wrote a lot of rubbish. That ... hasn't really changed.

This blog is currently based on eleventy-high-performance-blog which itself is based on eleventy-base-blog. It's running on Netlify. It's not a good example of my skills. 😂

Kenneth, September 2022