About me

Hello. I'm Kenneth. My friends call me Kenneth. If you call me Ken we are not friends. 🤷‍♂️

I work at Twitter, and I've been there for years. I joined in 2010 when there were about 320 people there, and we've been through a lot. This is a personal blog and doesn't speak for Twitter. Be warned that none of the metrics or stories about Twitter will be accurate or quotable, since I'll wrangle them to fit the story I'm telling.

I started writing this blog when I was a young dumb twenty-something, travelling the world. This was before smartphones, and even before mobile phones supported roaming. I cobbled it together in an internet cafe one day, mostly by cloning the site of an old friend.

Looking back, I wrote a lot of rubbish. That ... hasn't changed.

This blog is currently based on eleventy-high-performance-blog which itself is based on eleventy-base-blog. It's running on Netlify. It's not a good example of my skills. 😂

Kenneth, August 2021