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PHP on upgraded Vista

I’ve just upgraded to Vista.  Apart from the random crashes (proper crashes, mind you – power off, no bluescreen) when you’re doing something intensive, the only problem is the moving of your documents.

Helpful error message in phpMyAdmin:
Cannot start session without errors, please check errors given in your PHP and/or webserver log file and configure your PHP installation properly

To get PHP to work again, you have to edit php.ini and replace references to your Documents and Settings folder (DOCUME~1 or similar) with the new Users folder (better name, should have done it before though, MS, tsk tsk).

And since your Local Settings don’t seem to work, you’ll have to lay out your own directories underneath.

Google Map Tile Stitching

I’ve made a Google Aerial Map Tile Stitcher in PHP.

I prefer to be a legal type.  No, I don’t wear a cape and a wig, or any of that shennanigans.  But I like to pay for things that I value.  Music, software, videos – I do it all. 

So, to produce a nicely printed aerial-view map for my wall, I attempted to purchase a copy.  Having been quoted more than £1000 for the honour of a picture of my local river (the beautiful, if rather muddy, River Deben near Ipswich), I decided that honourable intent drew the line somewhere.

So I put together a program to download a Google Aerial Map.  They have some really nice imagery, though for London, it doesn’t beat Microsoft’s, especially with the multi-angle view.  But they have a nice shot of the river.
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