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Building McLaren.com – Part 3: Reading Telemetry

I’ve just finished working on McLaren’s new F1 site, http://mclaren.com/home, for the 2010 season, at Pirata London, for Work Club.

I’ll be writing up what we’ve done here in several parts. Sign up for my RSS feed to keep updated.

Part three covers the JavaScript data for the telemetry panel, known as “The Race 1.0b”. Continue reading Building McLaren.com – Part 3: Reading Telemetry

Refreshing a dojo datagrid json store

var customerGrid = new dojox.grid.DataGrid({
query: { customer_id: ‘*’ },
store: customerJsonStore,
structure: layout,
queryOptions: {ignoreCase: true},
rowsPerPage: 20
}, ‘gridNode’);

function loadSpecificCustomerIntoGrid(selectedCustomerId) {
// You can refresh a grid by updating the json store behind it
query: { customer_id: selectedCustomerId },
onComplete: function(items, result) {
// And then calling sort on the grid