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Satchmo/Django: “ProgrammingError: can’t adapt type ‘__proxy__'”

I got the above error when laoding a shipping module in Satchmo, but upon working out the cause, I reckoned it must be a pretty common error these days.

The exception is raised in /django/db/backends/util.py, line 19.
When I checked the local vars of the query.py step, line 2369, I got the following SQL:
[sourcecode language=’sql’]
‘UPDATE “shop_order” SET “site_id” = %s, “contact_id” = %s, “ship_addressee” = %s, “ship_street1” = %s, “ship_street2” = %s, “ship_city” = %s, “ship_state” = %s, “ship_postal_code” = %s, “ship_country” = %s, “bill_addressee” = %s, “bill_street1” = %s, “bill_street2” = %s, “bill_city” = %s, “bill_state” = %s, “bill_postal_code” = %s, “bill_country” = %s, “notes” = NULL, “sub_total” = %s, “total” = %s, “discount_code” = %s, “discount” = %s, “method” = %s, “shipping_description” = %s, “shipping_method” = %s, “shipping_model” = %s, “shipping_cost” = %s, “shipping_discount” = %s, “tax” = %s, “time_stamp” = %s, “status” = %s WHERE “shop_order”.”id” = %s
with the following params:
(1, 761, u’abc abc’, u’abc’, u’abcabc’, u’abc’, u'(UK32)’, u’E17 8QG’, u’GB’, u’abc abc’, u’abc’, u’abcabc’, u’abc’, u'(UK32)’, u’E17 8QG’, u’GB’, u’13.2500000000′, u’15.0000000000′, ”, u’0E-10′, u’Online’, ‘Dots Postage and Packing’, , ‘dotship’, u’1.7500000000′, u’0E-10′, u’0E-10′, u’2010-05-05 14:13:07.134682′, u”, 713)

You can see the __proxy__ that shouldn’t be there.

Looking back at my code that provides that particular value, I found I’d used the _() shortcut, which in this file, is bound to ugettext_lazy. Of course, this is the problem! The lazy evaluation isn’t being executed before the query is evaluated.

To fix, either use gettext directly, or change the shortcut for _ from gettext_lazy to gettext.

Replacing the Satchmo homepage by overriding URLs

You can override URLs used by Satchmo by using the built-in urlhelper.

So my project urls.py looks a bit like this:
[sourcecode language=”python”]
from django.conf.urls.defaults import *

from satchmo_store.urls import urlpatterns

from django.conf import settings
from satchmo_utils import urlhelper

urlpatterns += patterns(”,
#add my normal urls here
(r’^blog/index/$’, ‘myblog.views.blogindex’),
(r’^photos/’, include(‘photoapp.urls’)),

#add override urls here (match the name from satchmo’s url files)
url(r’^$’, ‘myblog.views.homepage’, {}, name=’satchmo_shop_home’),

Shortcut Tutorials

Probably the first real coder I met was at school.

He was just some kid in an older class who knew how to code the BBC micros that littered the computer room with the heavy metal door. This guy was a genius. Except he wasn’t really. He just learned a lot of stuff from old type-ins in BBC micro magazines. You’d describe him as the guy with glasses, but he didn’t wear glasses. You get the picture.

One of the most astonishing things I saw was that he abbreviated every single command he typed in, which was allowed, using a dot. Instead of typing “BASIC”, you could type “BA.”. My favourite was that he typed “RU.” instead of “RUN”. Eh? You haven’t even saved yourself a keystroke there. What was the point?
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Satchmo finally running

Woah, that wasn’t easy.

I managed to get it running using Django SVN trunk revision 8222 (pre-signals/dispatcher rewrite), and latest SVN Satchmo 1404.

It’s not easy on a PC to get the required files, got to be said.  Most of the easy_installs don’t work. 

I wasn’t sure where trml2pdf should be placed (install instructions: “put it where you want!” – thanks :-p).  I put the folder in python/site-packages, and tested with “import trml2pdf” at the python line.

Finally, all was running well and I started the shop, when I hit:
‘WSGIRequest’ object has no attribute ‘session’

This is because I used the recommended setting.py almost directly.  However, their setting-customize.py doesn’t include the “standard” stuff.  I’ve no idea why – it should have everything needed to run.  Anyway, it missed the middleware settings for the sessions.  My middleware settings now read:

MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES = (“django.middleware.locale.LocaleMiddleware”,

I still have some outstanding errors for the languages.  I had to set my LANGUAGE_CODE to “us” – pretty odd, because that’s a country code.  Doh.  Plus, I want proper English (GB), and I’ll have to make sure I can do that.

I don’t know if that’s connected to the errors I got when doing:
python manage.py satchmo_load_l10n

But I ignored that and it still seems to be running 🙂

Final note:  For a Django App, that demo store is bloody ugly ;-P

Update: Site looks better now – had to set the MEDIA_URL to ‘/static/’

Django + Satchmo: ImportError: cannot import name ImageField

I’m experimenting with Django for Dots Shop.  Satchmo seems to be the thing to use.

But it’s a real pain to install.  I keep getting the error:
ImportError: cannot import name ImageField

No-one on the Internet has mentioned this.  The only way I found to fix it was to search+replace in the Satchmo project for: 

from django.db.models.fields import ImageField

and replace with

from django.db.models.fields.files import ImageField

Four occurences.

I’m using SVN Django (a2), and Satchmo 0.7.