Hawaii – Aloha!

It rains here too, but not really for long enough to matter (I dodged the real floods by a day or two)! Having a great time in the Hokondo Waikiki Beachside Hostel. It´s admittedly not on the beachfront, but it´s just 1 block away. I´ve been having a great time eating, drinking, beaching with Fuu, Shun, and Tsiyoshi, from Japan who always cook excellent meals for us, and Nino (Swiss), Vu (Danish), Paulina (German), Aaron & Tyson (North Calif.), Tara (Mount Tarran, Oz), Josh and his girlfriend from NZ, & the infamous Bryan. I’m very badly burnt, but it was totally worth it. I had meant to work my way around the islands, but it´s quite expensive to move aroudn, because you have to fly – besdies, why would I want to go?

Return to LA on the 9th, though I don´t really want to leave.

Palm Springs – Flip a coin…

Raining in the desert now (!) and staying in the most expensive hotel in the world.

Well, ok, not quite. But it’s really expensive because the rainy season is the popular season here (?!?)

But I met up with Caerwyn and Amanda and I’ve done all the usual things: played some golf (not properly – just driving range and putting green), been to the mall, played pool and went to see the new Christ film (tedious).

I also went to help out Caerwyn with valeting at the golf club he works at – though I wasn’t much help because of course I can’t drive. I was supposed to meet Bill Gates, as he had a reservation that night, but he didn’t show. They didn’t mind – apparently he’s a bad tipper.

Time to move on here though
Either Hawaii or Mexico I thought, but the Mexican airlines weren’t friendly on the phone…

Las Vegas – Not so hot…

Vegas is probably an ok place if you’ve got loads of money and some friends here. I checked out the hostel here, but it sucks. It was empty and miles away from anything
So I stayed at the Tropicana, Lady Luck (downtown) and the Stratosphere.

Having lost all my money in Vegas, I’m moving south to Palm Desert by Greyhound. The trip takes about 7 hours, which is one hell of a long time. It’s also rainign in Vegas, which is odd. I thought it never rained here, but obviously I was wrong.

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