Making friends and influencing people

My last post caused a bit of a stir. I was kindof annoyed after hopping around the internet looking for the best workaround for a particularly niggly (and obscure) browser bug, and so popped onto the old blog for a bit of a rant.

That’s not unusual. My ranting blog category is essentially my life’s work. No matter how the article starts, I get to the end thinking, yep, that’s a rant alright.

For that and many other reasons, this blog does not get a whole lot of traffic. OK, so the distracting background which crashes most browsers is another good reason. But the annoying background is only there because I’m not seriously expecting anyone to read the content.

But this one got out. Maybe because I’m now working at Twitter, instead of being a freelance hick. Maybe I just struck a nerve. Maybe it was the reddit comments and the “just look at this idiot” tweets.

I got comments from Paul and Chris, advocates at Mozilla, and from Chris at PromoteJS.

Either way, traffic has spiked massively. Here’s my graph from the last year to that blog post:

If that trend continues, I should be hitting a million visits a day by the end of the month.

It’s pretty clear what to do from here: monetize. I’m going to be writing a lot more abusive posts here, mostly about totally blameless not-for-profit community efforts. I’ll also be introducing a sign-up system, a paywall and Facebook comments.

I’ll have t-shirts, an iPhone app, celebrity endorsements and a spinning flaming logo.

My plan is to IPO after three years, or sell out to AOL.

2 weeks later

Dreams crushed.
Ah well. Maybe I’ll just have to start writing better blog posts instead.