I think this guy may have a Genuine People Personality™.

Kenneth > Hi. I expected installation yesterday evening, but no engineer arrived. Please can you confirm appointment time?

Ely > Hello Kenneth_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Ely. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Ely > It’s nice to have you in chat! I always remain committed and determined to deliver the best customer service experience this day to you, as a valued customer of Comcast. Before anything else, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to help and resolve your issue today through this chat. Despite the issue, I still honestly hope you’re doing fine, Kenneth.

Ely > Let me begin this conversation by letting you know how sorry I am for the trouble you are experiencing right now. I have been through this, myself. I understand what you are going through and this has not been a simple inconvenience on your part. To completely brighten up your day, let me tell you that this issue and your satisfaction are my top priorities for today.

Ely > I understand that you were supposed to have an installation yesterday but no one came. Is that correct, Kenneth?

Kenneth_ > yes

Ely > I see. I understand the importance of being able to confirm your installation of your services. I do apologize for the incovnience that this has caused you. I can definitely take care of this for you today.

Ely > While pulling up your account, let me share with you one of our FREE services. your gateway to a world of online entertainment. Enjoy full access to where you can share photos, listen to your favorite music, shop, and play games. Check TV listings and access over 13,000 news and entertainment videos from Fox Sports, E!, and more.

Ely > So how are you doing today, Kenneth?

Kenneth_ > No, stop being chatty and marketing.

Ely > I apologize about that, Kenneth. I will refrain now. But yes let us go ahead and confirm your installation.

Ely > So your installation was indeed supposed to be 12/14 at 4-6PM.

Kenneth_ > Ok, so what happened? No phone call, no email, no engineer.

Ely > I do apologize about that, Kenneth. I am afraid I am not to sure either on what happened for there are no pertinent information here in your account either left by the local office that were supposed to be handling the installation.

Kenneth_ > and there’s no pertinent information on the account? how can that happen?
Kenneth_ > I mean, I’m a new customer, and already I’m unhappy. How is this a good way to do business?