2009: This year I have …

This year I have …

  • Got married!!!
  • Been to Hawaii on Honeymoon
  • Flown over an active volcano in a helicopter
  • Been to my brother’s wedding in a barn
  • Been to my friend’s wedding in a hotel
  • Graduated from a second BSc (in silly robes)
  • Submitted a Chrome Experiment (fireworks)
  • Rebuilt the company’s website
  • Left my job for bigger and better things
  • Painted the bathroom (no more green!)
  • Been assaulted and robbed
  • Given my auntie a cool new website and POS system
  • Gone to Wales, Hawaii, Holland, Minsk and Brussels
  • Run a successful hack day
  • Sold dog food, credit cards, hair-loss cures, cars, banners, and clever things I can’t talk about.
  • Won an award for last year’s work.

Next year I’m planning to:

  • Learn Polish (at last!)
  • Pass my driving test
  • Have a lot more fun coding

Compare to last year’s effort here:

How was your 2009?  And what do you have planned for 2010?