2009: This year I have …

This year I have …

  • Got married!!!
  • Been to Hawaii on Honeymoon
  • Flown over an active volcano in a helicopter
  • Been to my brother’s wedding in a barn
  • Been to my friend’s wedding in a hotel
  • Graduated from a second BSc (in silly robes)
  • Submitted a Chrome Experiment (fireworks)
  • Rebuilt the company’s website
  • Left my job for bigger and better things
  • Painted the bathroom (no more green!)
  • Been assaulted and robbed
  • Given my auntie a cool new website and POS system
  • Gone to Wales, Hawaii, Holland, Minsk and Brussels
  • Run a successful hack day
  • Sold dog food, credit cards, hair-loss cures, cars, banners, and clever things I can’t talk about.
  • Won an award for last year’s work.

Next year I’m planning to:

  • Learn Polish (at last!)
  • Pass my driving test
  • Have a lot more fun coding

Compare to last year’s effort here:

How was your 2009?  And what do you have planned for 2010?

Shortcut Tutorials

Probably the first real coder I met was at school.

He was just some kid in an older class who knew how to code the BBC micros that littered the computer room with the heavy metal door. This guy was a genius. Except he wasn’t really. He just learned a lot of stuff from old type-ins in BBC micro magazines. You’d describe him as the guy with glasses, but he didn’t wear glasses. You get the picture.

One of the most astonishing things I saw was that he abbreviated every single command he typed in, which was allowed, using a dot. Instead of typing “BASIC”, you could type “BA.”. My favourite was that he typed “RU.” instead of “RUN”. Eh? You haven’t even saved yourself a keystroke there. What was the point?
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