Porting JS-Fireworks to Flash

Flash ActionScript is pretty much JavaScript right?
So, I thought my Chrome Experiment, js-fireworks should be trivial to port across to AS, and take advantage of the extra speed.
It did prove pretty simple.
Instead of a canvas, I create a Sprite. The Sprite has a graphics object which is usable in much the same way as the canvas. So all I needed to do was to switch the methods around a bit and voila!
One gotcha was the difference in calling setTimeout, which does not pick up the right context. When I call FireworkDisplay.blah, it should have the context of FireworkDisplay, not global.
Second gotcha was the redefinition of loop variables. This is illegal:

for (var i=0;i<20;i++) { } for (var i=0;i<20;i++) { }

I think this is a flaw in Flash. The var declares the loop counter to be local to the loop, so it should not "keep" a definition after exiting the loop. It's a pain.
Finally, the colours are a bit off. Don't know why - I pinched a simple util to convert rgb to hex, and I think it's off.
Anyway, it works. No extra speed though. Will have to look at optimization later.
Click here to see the demo.
Or click here to download the source.