Kufluk’s Usability Law III

Third Law: “People don’t read on the Internet”.  Yes, really.

Amendment 1:  *Especially* instructions.
Amendment 2:  We will read when we’ve got to useful content.  For this you will need a) Useful content  b) Simple navigation to content (since I won’t read until I get there)  c) a readable sans-serif font with enough contrast!

Kufluk’s Usability Law II

Second Law:  “We’re not as stupid as you think”

Look, we’ll figure it out.  We all learned to walk. We all learned how to use a bloody gearbox.  If a link says “lucky dip”, we’ll try it and see!  If we get something random, we’ll figure it out:  Lucky Dip = Random.

A long wordy explanation is often just more confusing.  See Kufluk’s Usability Law III:  People don’t read.

Kufluk’s Usability Law I

First Law:  “You must always be able to get back where you’ve just been.”

“Again, again!” the Teletubbies shout.  Adults are incredulous, and so I suspect would be a usability expert.   But that’s what the kids want.  And frankly, that what I want from a website.  I don’t care that it was just a bloody welcome screen or homepage – I’ve probably skipped over it, and I’m now wondering if there was something I missed.

I don’t want to use the browser controls.  Give me a “back” and a “home” link.  Always.  Make ’em obvious.

poedit “some header fields still have the initial default value”

Good grief, I thought it would be easy to change the text in Satchmo.

I’m just creating a British English version.  ie, I’m changing “cart” to “basket”.

Django’s translation tools are not easy to get going.  I’m using PoEdit to edit the files.

I found the solution to the above problem is to change the header values.  This means, go to “catalog”, then “settings”, then fill in the info.  Easy.