TMA03 Complete

TMA03 is complete.  I have two reservations:  1)  I have not gone into enough depth.  Clearly I need to understand the modelling better in order to present it.  I will have to work on this more, with more work up front, than I have for this assignment.  2)  I have not referenced all the data.  It just takes a long time to do, and the data is tedious.  I’m tempted to remove all data references, since I’ve referenced the summary tables where I got the data anyway, and haven’t read the individual papers themselves.  I’ll check with the tutor on that.

I did a big reorganisation of the report this morning, and I’m much happier that it matches what’s required.  The previous feedback has really only focussed on RTQ comments, and that’s been useful this time.

I’ve put a lot more work in than last year, and that shows 🙂