Evil Printers

There is a lot to dislike about printers.

  • The cost of cartridges
  • The printing software http://camendesign.com/?200806291149
  • The way they stop picking up paper properly after 6 months, forcing you to buy another printer
  • The way they notify the whole house when they run out of paper.

Let’s face it:  I have no love for printer makers.

But the drivers?  WTF?

You know how you cancel a print job, then it hangs around, freezing all printing, forever?
To fix you must:

  • Open Services (Control Panel, Admin tools, Services)
  • Stop the print spool service
  • Delete the print queue (c:\windows\system32\spool\printer)
  • Restart the print queue
  • Restart the application which originally printed.

All this is a bit awkward.  Nothing seems to have really improved since Windows first allowed you to “do other things” while printing.  Woo.