TMA03 Complete

TMA03 is complete.  I have two reservations:  1)  I have not gone into enough depth.  Clearly I need to understand the modelling better in order to present it.  I will have to work on this more, with more work up front, than I have for this assignment.  2)  I have not referenced all the data.  It just takes a long time to do, and the data is tedious.  I’m tempted to remove all data references, since I’ve referenced the summary tables where I got the data anyway, and haven’t read the individual papers themselves.  I’ll check with the tutor on that.

I did a big reorganisation of the report this morning, and I’m much happier that it matches what’s required.  The previous feedback has really only focussed on RTQ comments, and that’s been useful this time.

I’ve put a lot more work in than last year, and that shows 🙂 

Project Report: TMA03

Saturday is over.  I have all completed except Part 4 the literary review.

I have 800 words done there.  1200 (ish) more to do.  I can fill this up with info on non-param mass models, no problem.  Mr Saha has reams on the stuff.  And Mr Kochanek disagrees with him.  Awesome 🙂

So far, so good.  Just wish I had another month, and more sunshine…

Hours today: 12

Evil Printers

There is a lot to dislike about printers.

  • The cost of cartridges
  • The printing software
  • The way they stop picking up paper properly after 6 months, forcing you to buy another printer
  • The way they notify the whole house when they run out of paper.

Let’s face it:  I have no love for printer makers.

But the drivers?  WTF?

You know how you cancel a print job, then it hangs around, freezing all printing, forever?
To fix you must:

  • Open Services (Control Panel, Admin tools, Services)
  • Stop the print spool service
  • Delete the print queue (c:\windows\system32\spool\printer)
  • Restart the print queue
  • Restart the application which originally printed.

All this is a bit awkward.  Nothing seems to have really improved since Windows first allowed you to “do other things” while printing.  Woo.

Abstract, Contents, Intro done

Good progress today.  It’s one thing to have it all in mind and in misc documents, another to put it together.  I’ve got the first 3 parts done, which is great.  I still need to stick in some pictures, but that won’t take long.

Just confirming with the tutor about the review – I think this is the full report, I guess excluding the Intro.

Hours: 5

Says everything, means nothing.

“We seek to share with all parties to the UNFCCC the vision of, and together with them to consider and adopt in the UNFCCC negotiations, the goal of achieving at least 50% reduction of global emissions by 2050, recognising that this global challenge can only be met by a global response, in particular, by the contributions from all major economies, consistent with the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities.”

“We seek to share the vision of the goal”.  Pfff

Project: Weekend summary

This weekend I’ve gathered and reviewed my research papers.  It’s good:  I’ve got the data, some outstanding points of debate and enough to draw my conclusions.  I’ve sifted out a fair amount of stuff which isn’t relevant too.  I need to concentrate on the models, and the maths gets complex there, which is a concern.

So, I can do a ‘trial’ abstract, I can draw together enough for an introduction, and I’ve got a content plan sketched out for the contents list.  I’m ready to write.  Two thousand words is a lot to get done in a short time, and I may not meet that much by the deadline, but I should be most of the way there.

Busy week, it will be, to get it done by then 🙂

This weekend

Just been in the office, printing more papers.

This weekend, I need to review the papers, information and ideas I’ve collected, and put together at least 80% of TMA03. Last year, this wasn’t as bad as it first looked:  once I had the structure sorted and material together, everything just flowed from there.

Hours so far: 2 (and it’s only noon 🙂 )