Project restart

Ok, I’ve moved into my new house.  I’ve been to Denmark and Paris.  I’ve run the marathon.  And recovered.

Time to get back to work.

Today I downloaded the TMA02 markscheme and advice to my desktop.  I’ve also read through the books I have on GL (I have 3 decent books from Springer).  They’ve got some good summaries in.  I tracked down the original paper connecting H0 and GL, which is what I’m after.  I then need to track through interesting papers from then to the current, and into the future (obviously not papers from the future, even Google can’t do that, but papers detailing what’s expected).  I’m considering going paper-based for logging references, but may find something better this week.

I’ve dug out my Cosmology books to bring me back up to speed with the theory and the maths (though the Springer books are, in part, better than S357 at some treatments).  And my loft/study is now in much better order for study work during the week 🙂

All in all, a good resumation of study.  To do now:

  • Check what’s needed in my plan, and in TMA02 assessment
  • Revise Hubble, Cosmology and Lens models
  • Skim read papers from Refsdal1964a,b, to present day and build reference list
  • (Buy reference cards to support the above reading)

About 5 hours spent today, in between other things.

Next weekend is Bank holiday, so need to plan to take books/papers/machine with me to study.

London Marathon 2008

I did it!

I hurt… :-S

First half felt great. Third quarter was great. Though the occasional spot of hail didn’t help.

Thankyou to the people with wine gums. Thankyou to the folks with fruit. Fiddles to the people with opal fruits. Curses to the bitch with the hard-boiled sweet.

At 21 miles or so, I hurt so much I decided to give up. But the person I spoke to said it wasn’t far, I’d have to wait for ages, and I might as well carry on. Thankyou to that person. After a mile of walking, I started to run. I ran through the pain and it cleared by mile 24 or 25. I saw my folks for the second time at mile 23, cheering like anything. That gave me a lot of energy. Knowing my girlfriend was at the finish was the biggest spur.

It was great to finish. I’d do it again.

New Course Tutor

I have a new course tutor, who is the same tutor I had last year.

I suspect this will mean I have to spend more time making things better than last year, which is annoying.  But he was a good tutor, so it’s ok.

Should spend some time this weekend on it.