Useful Keypresses in browsers

What’s the best keypresses for browsers?

I’m keen on the following:

  • Alt-D Go to Address Bar
  • Ctrl-Enter Add the www. and .com to your word in the address bar
  • F11 – Ok, it takes you to full-screen.  Not very handy.  But!  Tapping F11 twice makes a non-resizable popup window resizable (IE only).

Any other good ones?  I’d be keen to know the keypress to bring up the IE Dev Toolbar.

Creating new HTML elements

It’s possible to create new HTML elements, and apply presentation and action to it.

Jon Resig mentions it here, suggesting it would be a good way to implement HTML5 in an earlier browser.

He’s right.  It would be good.  But I can see applications of it for microformats and semantic markup too.
If you attach behaviors (using Dean Edwards’ Mozilla extension) to the element, you can add script actions as well as style.

So you can essentially rewrite the browser using JS. Continue reading Creating new HTML elements