Google Map Tile Stitching

I’ve made a Google Aerial Map Tile Stitcher in PHP.

I prefer to be a legal type.  No, I don’t wear a cape and a wig, or any of that shennanigans.  But I like to pay for things that I value.  Music, software, videos – I do it all. 

So, to produce a nicely printed aerial-view map for my wall, I attempted to purchase a copy.  Having been quoted more than £1000 for the honour of a picture of my local river (the beautiful, if rather muddy, River Deben near Ipswich), I decided that honourable intent drew the line somewhere.

So I put together a program to download a Google Aerial Map.  They have some really nice imagery, though for London, it doesn’t beat Microsoft’s, especially with the multi-angle view.  But they have a nice shot of the river.
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Hello World!

Hello!  Welcome to the new site.
I’ve decided to make a sweeping update to the site to incorporate a blog and some play areas.  It’ll be a work-in-progress, and will balloon with more content shortly (when I have some time).
I’ve built my own look and feel (and drawn my own feet), around one of the standard templates, and I’m using WordPress.  MoveableType wouldn’t install (Perl sucks anyway), and Blogger just seemed limiting.  This, I like. 🙂