I’ve been playing with Xobni (Inbox backwards) for a week or so.

It’s a fantastic plugin for Outlook.  So slick.  The best search for email I’ve seen, and an automated contacts list (who keeps theirs up to date manually?  honestly?).  What more do you need?

They’ve proved Microsoft are years behind the curve (ok, I haven’t tried 2007 – but they haven’t shown me why I should pay, again).  And they’ve proved (like many Web2.0 companies), that Indie bands haven’t used up all the cool band names yet.

Let me know if you need an invite.  I’ve got 1 left.

PHP on upgraded Vista

I’ve just upgraded to Vista.  Apart from the random crashes (proper crashes, mind you – power off, no bluescreen) when you’re doing something intensive, the only problem is the moving of your documents.

Helpful error message in phpMyAdmin:
Cannot start session without errors, please check errors given in your PHP and/or webserver log file and configure your PHP installation properly

To get PHP to work again, you have to edit php.ini and replace references to your Documents and Settings folder (DOCUME~1 or similar) with the new Users folder (better name, should have done it before though, MS, tsk tsk).

And since your Local Settings don’t seem to work, you’ll have to lay out your own directories underneath.

IE8 and Meta selectors

Ok, everyone else is talking about the new IE Meta tag Microsoft announced here:

[sourcecode language=”html”]


My first thought?  Unusually, it seems, I thought “great!”.  I was just thinking that it would be cool to add a “browser” attribute to the doctype, but this is a better solution.

I envisage a number of these at the top of my document from now on, merely stating the latest versions of all browsers which the site has been approved on by QA. (Think not just IE and FF, but mobiles, playstations, ipods, etc)

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Just reading a book on running technique, “ChiRunning”:

“… the ChiRunning technique is backed by the laws of physics.  One scientist even told me, ‘I wouldn’t do this if it didn’t work in terms of physics.  It makes perfect sense to me, as a scientist.’  When your body is out of sync with these laws, it becomes less efficient, requires more fuel, experiences greater fatigue, and is more susceptible to injury.”

Sad but true.  Breaking the laws of physics is a risky business.