Australia – Cairns

Oh good grief
I thought Cairns would be like Darwin, but instead of the pleasant blue skies I expected, I landed to find it overcast and drizzling with dusty rain. Rats.
Better still, I go to look at the beach and it’s all mud! Like the saltings back home (ie, marshland) !
Hopefully it’ll brighten up tomorrow, or I’ll be looking for my money back…

Australia – Darwin

Darwin appears to be the best place to be in winter. It’s nice and warm all the time – much like summer at home!

The only downside is that the beaches aren’t up to much and the town is very small. Not really a problem though.

I’ve been whiling away my time playing cards in the hostel and reading The Stand (an immensely long book). There’s not much to do here except go see the national parks, and that’s pricey.

So, tomorrow I’m off to Cairns. Hopefully same or similar weather conditions, and better beaches! Fingers crossed…

Australia – The Rock!

Took me bloody ages to get here, then 6 hours on the bus at 6 in the morning. I get to the rock, and guess what? You can’t climb because it’s too windy!

I had to content myself with walking round it. Mind you, the bus driver didn’t give me enough time. It’s 9.4km (6 miles), and I had just over an hour. So I had to jog most of the way…

So yeah. It’s a big rock. Big. Rocky. Big. Rock. Not Ayer’s Rock, no no. It’s Uluru now apparently. They changed the name to the Aboriginal one. I always wonder though… They didn’t have a written language until we got here, so how do we know they didn’t just invent that name last week? It’s like all those famous dotty aboriginal paintings. Are they original? No. Some white guy came over here in ’48 and just taught them to paint that way. Daft eh? What if he’d taught them cubism instead? 🙂

Anyway. Rock done, viewed, not climbed. Time to move on to Darwin. Warmer there 🙂

Australia – Adelaide & Alice

Adelaide is a nice enough town I guess, but kindof small, cold and very rainy. I had a cold for most of the 5 days or so I was here, so didn’t get much done.

I got the train from Sydney which took around 26 hours to Adelaide. Unfortunately not being royalty, I can’t afford the sleeping carriages, and while the seats are quite big, they’re not great for sleeping in. I got a break in Adelaide, then another 16 hour trip to Alice…

Forget what they told you in school. The world isn’t round. It’s flat. In every direction. Just flat for miles and miles. A few shrubs I guess, and grass (it’s winter), but not much else. No kangaroos (sigh).

When hills come into view, you’ve made it to Alice Springs. A small, inoffensive town that closes rather early. There are Aboriginals here, which I haven’t seen so far in Oz. Next stop, the Rock…

Australia – Sydney

Well, I’ve made it to Sydney!
This is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go to. The city is great – like London or New York. It’s got good trains (double-decker!), you can cycle over the harbour bridge (without being arrested!), and the views of the opera house and bridge are amazing.

When I got here, I met up with Matt Martin (from the Saatchi era) and stayed at his place for a couple of days, and now I’ve moved down to the central YHA. Was good to catch up, but there’s only a limited amount of time you can spent on someone’s living room floor…

Today I watched the olympic flame go past, cycled the bridge, looked at the huge bats in the gardens, and went on the ferry. Cool stuff.